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Rivian R1T Height - looking for clarification

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What's the actual height of the truck?

There are some charts online I've seen but I also know it has an air suspension. I read something about how the ground clearance changes, but what about the actual height at the low mode vs high mode?
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72 inches will still fit in a standard garage right? My concern is the garages here in the SF Bay Area are on the smaller size. I've read the length of a R1S is a little more than 16 ft so it should fit in a standard 20 ft long garage.
Shouldn't be a big issue.
72-inches is 6 feet exactly. Anything lower than that would be a really low door.
It's possible, but anything 6-feet tall should fit in a standard garage.

I wonder if that includes the roof rails too though? I assume there are factory cross-bars....
The standard height of the R1T is 72 inches and the max ground clearance is 14.2 inches

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Thanks, this is helpful.
I was just reading the lowest the air suspension can go is down to 8.1-inches of ground clearance.

But the highest is 14.4-inches. So that's 6.3-inches of difference.

So when it's fully jacked-up it's 78.3-inches tall. Basically a standard NBA player. haha. That's pretty huge.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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