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On October 30th, automotive journalist Robert Pepper will be doing a Zoom webinar with Emme Hall where they will talk about the R1T and the Rebelle Rally.

Here's the link to the event on Facebook.

What's it like to drive a Rivian EV 4X4 for real, offroad?

The new breed of 4X4s are designed from the ground up as electric vehicles, and we're now starting to see them out in the field. Emme Hall is a journalist based in the USA who used a Rivian R1T to compete for 8 days in Rebelle Rally, an offroad navigation event for women. Aside from being an experienced car journo, she's also a true racer with experience in offroad rallies like the Baja 1000, and owns a 2-seat 1600cc race buggy plus two modified Mazdas including an '01 MX-5 with a serious lift. So with all that experience she'll be well placed to talk to us about exactly how 4X4 EVs perform!

The Rivian R1T is a ground-up EV design powered by 4 motors, one for each wheel. Range is claimed to be 640km, wading depth 900mm and max braked tow 5000kg...plus 0-100km/h is claimed to be 3 seconds.

Join us on the Zoom webinar and you'll get a chance to explore the future of 4X4s....

If you don't make the live session, a recording will be available on my YouTube channel:

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