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Cool race but did anyone know R1T prototypes were disguised as F-150's?... news to me.

"Electric F150 VS Suzuki Z400 - Bundy Hill Off road park in Jerome Michigan I don't know much about the truck. Other than it being an Electric Prototype vehicle that may or may not be released in a few years. I'm not sure of the power the truck has or any other information as they were very reluctant with sharing any details and would not let anyone come within a few feet of the vehicle, which meant we couldn't look inside or underneath the truck. I tried looking at the inside, however all the windows were completely tinted. Z400 won the race. But the F150 was pulling hard at the end and would have pulled ahead had the track been any longer. F150 was in 4x4 with street tires. (I'm unsure of the type of battery or power the truck has, as they were very reluctant to give details, obviously) But it was very weird not hearing any exhaust note from the truck lol."

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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