Rivian has issued a recall for the R1T and R1S due to an issue with the seatbelt anchor.

Apparently a height adjuster bolt isn't correctly fastened on the B pillar in some vehicles.

Seems like a small issue but something owners should check and see if their vehicle is affected.

Rivian became aware of this problem when a height adjuster bolt that wasn’t correctly fastened against the B pillar was identified during vehicle production at the Normal Assembly Plant in Illinois. The Plymouth-based manufacturer opened an investigation a few days later instead of immediately – as one would expect given the risks posed by this apparently small problem.

More than a month later, Rivian decided to conduct “a voluntary safety recall” as per the attached report. Happily for the EV company and owners of the suspect vehicles, Rivian isn’t aware of any accidents or injuries. The safety recall report states October 14th as the planned owner notification, which is a bit uncanny given that service technicians have to fasten a bolt or two.

It appears that Rivian wants to become the butt joke of electric vehicles, dethroning Tesla in the process. Given that Rivian’s net loss tripled to $1.71 billion in the second quarter of 2022, plenty of peeps need to be laid off in favor of more talented, more responsible, and better-performing managers.

The seatbelt height adjuster bolt carries part number PT00029815-B. Owners may experience noticeable rattling noises for the height adjuster area of the B pillar if that bolt isn’t fastened properly. Owners may also notice a lot of movement in the assembly when adjusting the belt’s height.

No fewer than 198 units of the R1T are called back, pickup trucks produced between January 28th and August 8th. The R1S is recalled to the tune of 9 units, assembled in the same timeframe. Curiously enough, the attached report lists nothing on how Rivian addressed this quality-related issue.

If you’re still dreaming about owning an R1T instead of a Ford F-150 Lighting, then prepare to pony up $73,000 for the most affordable specification. The R1S starts at $78,000 at press time. If you order the long-awaited R1S today, expect to take delivery in late 2023. The delivery timing is shared with the R1T, which goes to show that scaling up production is of utmost importance, as important as assembling both of these electric vehicles right.