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I've been trying to find information on the R1S and R1T will use regenerative braking but I haven't found much aside from the fact that they will have regen braking. Based on some of the other EVs that are on the market, there's a couple of ways that Rivian can approach regen braking.

Rivian could set up their trucks like Tesla does and allow people to use "one-pedal driving" where as soon as you take your foot off the pedal the regen braking kicks in and you start to slow down.

Or they could use a system like Porsche uses on the Taycan EV where the regen braking only activates when you push the brake pedal. This allows for coasting to make the drive as efficient as possible.

Personally I hope Rivian doesn't have one-pedal driving. I don't see it working well for and off-road driving. If anyone has info on Rivian's regenerative braking system please add it below.
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