Apparently Rivian reps reportedly harassed Rich Rebuilds after he got to drive the R1T. It's a weird story to hear. Hopefully Rich can share what happened on his drive.

Well, that’s not what happened to Rich of the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel and his co-host Steven. They were given a chance to drive and be aboard the Rivian R1T, but apparently something went wrong and they ended the drive about halfway through the course, which they were supposed to follow. There was also a 30-mile-per-hour imposed speed limit, although we don’t know if exceeding that was what shortened the drive.

Then, later, according to Alex Guberman, the host of the E for Electric channel, Rich and Steven were approached by Rivian representatives accompanied by security demanding to see the footage they had shot during the unfinished drive. We don’t have all the details, but according to the video, after the people from Rivian saw the footage that Rich had shot, they demanded nothing more.

But this leaves a big question mark, as Alex points out, over Rivian’s motives to have its employees act like this. They were clearly asked to keep some things secret from the public, even though they allowed media members to drive and experience the new truck, but we don’t really know why this happened. We hope Rich makes his own video detailing what happened on the drive.