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Charged EVs got a chance to speak with Rivian’s VP of Propulsion Richard Farquhar about their battery platform.

Farquhar talks about about how they plan to beat all other electric vehicles when it comes to battery energy density. The idea of a cooling plate between the upper and lower cell layers is really clever. I really hope it does it's job so Rivian can stick to its range claims in real world testing.

Farquhar described how Rivian engineers were able to achieve unprecedented energy density.

Richard Farquhar: We have what we believe is currently the highest volumetric energy density modules and pack in the world. It’s about 20-25% greater energy density in watt-hours per liter compared to anything on the market today.​
What has allowed us to achieve this is the construction of the module. Each module has two layers, each containing 21700 type cylindrical cells. So, we’ve got 15 kWh of energy in each module. There are 9 of those modules in our standard pack, and we have 12 of those in what we call our premium pack of 180 kWh, which gets us over 400 miles of range.​
At the heart of the module is a cooling plate between the upper and lower cell layers. That allows us to control the cooling of those cells in their most efficient medium, which is cooling axially. We pull the heat out of the cell through its center, which is the most efficient way to do it, as opposed to radially. It allows us to pack those cells really close together. This allows us to get the highest volumetric energy density available today.​

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