Rivian shared a new article on their site about the colors and the inspiration behind each one.

Rivian’s colors are best experienced in person – spotted at a trailhead, around town, during your Mobile Drive or in your driveway on delivery day.

Our paints were designed to change with the light and reveal new depth as our vehicles bring people on journeys to new places,” says Aileen Barraza, senior manager for Rivian Colors, Materials and Finishes. “There isn’t one color where we didn’t push for more iterations, until we knew we got it right.

Sophia Park, a Colors and Materials designer, went outside to find the source material that would lead to Rivian’s dynamic tones: greens from Pacific Northwest forests, reds and oranges from Colorado hills and canyons. Sophia and Aileen are part of the team developing a color palette that embodies Rivian’s personality.

“I find inspiration outdoors, collecting rocks, branches – anything that can inspire our colors to be at home in nature,” Sophia says.

In the early days, Sophia's desk was covered with rocks and pine cones, paint samples and swatches of material. “Our research is always really hands-on,” she says.

Sophia and Aileen’s team developed Rivian’s color portfolio over hundreds of revisions, working slowly to ensure that every color would have distinct identity and value for owners who chose them.

Aileen and Sophia try not to pick favorites, but both have special memories of certain colors.

“Limestone was one of the most challenging to get just right,” Aileen says. “We did so many variations to find that perfect balance. I was so excited to see the first one painted.”

Sophia ordered her R1T in Launch Green, a color inspired by the Rivian factory in Normal, Illinois, and the journey that led to designing, engineering manufacturing and delivering our first generation of Electric Adventure Vehicles.

“I love that color,” Sophia says. “That’s where it all started.”

This limited-run color was inspired by the anti-corrosion coating applied to every Rivian before the actual exterior paint color. At first, it looks like solid green with red undertones. As you approach, a subtle metallic effect adds depth, creating a confident, serene and timeless presence.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Named for the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, the first public debut of the R1T. Its high metallic content accentuates the vehicle’s design details and allows the color to travel — to shift from very light to very dark shades.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Pure and crisp with a hint of warmth, this is the only color in our lineup that does not have any metallic effect. It shows the vehicle’s graphic outline while emphasizing signature Rivian design elements, especially the headlamps and gloss black pillars.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Sky

To recall a Utah canyon at sunset, this color marries a deep red base with warmer orange metallic. Up close, the color can shimmer, especially when hit by sunlight.

Wheel Sky Tire Cloud Plant

The colors of the El Capitan peak set against the clear blue skies of the Yosemite Valley. Deep, cool grays with reflective blues create color travel that accentuates Rivian’s modern form.

Tire Vehicle Car Wheel Land vehicle

A soft shift to green and yellow undertones ground this signature blue in nature. Glass and mica quietly add effects that recall ocean water on a sunny day.

Tire Vehicle Car Grille Wheel

Dark green with a high metallic content that produces both strong, bright highlights as well as dark shadows, changing with the vehicle’s contours.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Window

Deep black tones with a hint of blue metallic for depth. Think of being outside on a clear night and gazing up at the stars.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Grille

A warm, almost pastel yellow that recalls the color shift of a fall afternoon. In certain light, the aluminum flakes create a quietly vibrant metallic effect.

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Vehicle

Inspired by sedimentary rock outcrops in Colorado, the neutral grey has a hint of green accentuated by fine flakes that are reminiscent of limestone’s mineral composition.

Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Car Vehicle