Rivian announced its very first hub in the heart of Venice "where people can come together and learn about everything from how to make the most of their vehicles to practicing good stewardship in our planet's wild spaces" The Rivian Venice Hub will open to the general public starting October 17. Sign up for special events here: Rivian Venice Events

The opening of our first Hub.

September 2021 marked an important milestone for Rivian when the first production R1T rolled off the line in Normal, IL, to the cheers of hundreds of employees who had contributed to its launch. This week marked another milestone for us. This time, cheers filled a sunny courtyard space in downtown Venice, CA, as Rivian employees gathered to celebrate the launch of our first Hub – a physical location designed to encourage exchange with our community and for Rivian fans to gather and connect.

Even in the very earliest days of Rivian, we imagined places where people could gather and get to know one another and share experiences in person. Because purchasing a Rivian can be done digitally, we were untethered from the traditional car-buying experience, and free to define what we wanted a Rivian space to be. We began sketching out ideas for our public gathering spaces.

Our Venice Hub is above all a place to come together – to attend a workshop, to relax in the garden, to share ideas.

The buildings that now house the Venice Hub stand on the property where beloved author Ray Bradbury lived and worked for several years. Over the decades, these buildings have been home to everything from an electric-works building to an art gallery. Today, with our doors open to the community, this site will serve above all as a place for people to come together.

The city of Venice has been eclectic since it was built by developer Abbot Kinney in 1905, complete with canals modeled after his favorite city in Italy and an amusement pier with a dance hall, restaurant, and a hot salt-water plunge. The pier burned down around the same time Kinney died in 1920, but was rebuilt with a roller coaster, a fun house, aviation shows and other attractions.

Constantly transforming itself, the town of Venice became a preferred home for free thinkers and experimenters of every stripe – a creative influx that continues today. We like being in the heart of this energetic place. The Venice Hub is a comfortable, open place to create, relax, and learn. It’s comprised of shaded gardens and seating out front, an open-air play space for kids, a library deep in both local and iconic titles and locally made wares, a bright makers’ space stocked with creative materials, and a courtyard area between the site’s two buildings where you can explore an R1T and ask any questions you might have about Rivian’s mission, products and programs. The Venice Hub will also offer a host of workshops focused on useable knowledge (plant a simple organic garden this fall, or learn how to get the most of your visit to a National Park) and discussions about broader concepts such as sustainable energy or permaculture.

The Venice Hub is just the beginning, and as our company grows, we’ll open more spaces in different locations with the same eye to connection and community. We’re planning a mix of indoor and outdoor sites, including Hubs in urban centers like Venice, adventure-oriented Rivian Outposts further away from the cities, and Preserves — wide tracts of wilderness we’ll protect as part of our conservation efforts.

We look forward to welcoming you here.

The Rivian Venice Hub will open to the general public starting October 17. Sign up for special events here: Rivian Venice Events.While we will have vehicles onsite, demo drives and rides are done through our First Mile drive program. To learn more, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 1-888-RIVIAN1.

Rivian Venice Hub| 660 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 | Mon-Sun, 9 am - 6 pm