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El Segundo has a rich history in aerospace and aviation, attracting the best minds throughout the world to design and build military aircraft, manufacture satellite technology, and even conceptualize the first man to the moon - becoming an ideal incubator for thought exploration, research, and invention.

Rivian's new office in El Segundo continues the history of ideation, from mocking-up new concepts, to problem solving, to collaborating on future developments.

Home to service & vehicle operations, delivery & mobile operations, brand digital, and facilities, this space will pilot a flexible spatial design. As teams evolve, the space will evolve with it - offering a nimble workstyle, from a facilities design library to collaborative workshop studios. When working in certain areas, team members even get a glimpse into our vehicle service center.

Co-locating with a Rivian service site creates energy by providing visibility to the activity that directly serves our customers, as well as a place for our in-region support teams to call home.


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