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The most recent review from Road and Track of the R1S is pretty sweet. Comparisons to other EV "SUVs " leaves little room to ponder whether the author of the article appreciated the quality, performance, and unique characteristics of the R1S. After following Honda's hydrogen powered fuel cell cars (confined to California) for almost 15 years, and wondering if anything would ever come along that would decrease my carbon foot print significantly and make me feel like manufacturing jobs in the United States would ever improve... I was so thankful to come across the initial YOU TUBE videos shot during the Los Angeles auto show some years ago. I am thankful that I did my homework and watched innumerable videos and red innumerable articles and crunched data for innumerable hours before I plunked down my 1000 dollars down for a vehicle. Yes, like many of you, I am still waiting, but I am much more at peace with myself for having made what I believe will be one of the most substantial decisions I have made to do my part to help offset climate change and improve manufacturing in the United States. Thank you RIVIAN and especially...Thank you R.J.
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