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So much drama... But it's for the clicks. so it works.
Totally agree—click bait drama! Must have had nothing else to write about and had a looming deadline…..

On a related note, happy to report that I was invited to build today 😊😊😊 and started the 8 step process. Was a little confusing as I tried to do every step sequence I could so there would be no delays on my end. Had to talk with the guide to discover (1) that you don’t need to do everything sequentially (e.g., insurance is not required until the vehicle is shipped to the distribution center and they contact you) and (2) the vehicle is already built at Rivian with a VIN!!!🙏

The guide said it was now in the QC process and then would be shipped to Brooklyn and once there, the service center would contact me for delivery back in Buffalo (an extra 1200 mile journey!). He said I couldn’t arrange to pick it up in Normal or Brooklyn and he wasn’t really authorized to give a delivery timeframe but softly hinted at 6-8 weeks, which would put me ahead of the October-November estimate received last month.

Would be interested to know what other people have experienced recently in terms of waiting on delivery from the time they received their VIN and invite to finish the 8 Step process????
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