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Copy and pasted from below....."This whole "article" was a complete waste of time to read!"

Was completely the opposite for me. 8 steps took maybe 20 minutes. Easy when you have everything they need. Hence, be prepared and it goes quite smoothly. Delivery was on time. Took all of 5 minutes to deliver the truck. Same here, they called with an offer to change to a truck already built. They can't answer your questions on when and where whey they don't know yet. But, switching to a similar spec truck that was already built, provided me with all the answers to my questions. Had the truck 2 weeks later. Yes, this "article" or whatever it was, was an over-dramatization. More due to lack of preparation by the buyer than Rivian's shortcomings.

Nobody is "forced to use Rivian's Nationwide Insurance".
Car dealers or manufacturers aren't in the business of paying a fortune for trade-ins. It's offered. For Rivian, they probably have no desire to do so, but do as a courtesy. Take their offer or don't. Very simple. Can always sell it yourself.
Complaining about having to pay for the truck? Really? Did they expect to not have to pay for it? Of course Rivian wants their money.
Complaining because it came too soon? Really? Again, usually the opposite, just read the forums with all the complaints on how long its taking!
We want you to take a quick two minute drive around the block to make sure everything is OK. Buyer complains about that too. How bad would he/she have complained if not doing so and then found an issue after driving it away?
Complain about it taking to long to let you take delivery? Have you picked up a Tesla? They always make you sign, then wait. Rivian offers delivery to your house. Could have taken that option instead!

This whole article was a complete waste of time to read! (I'm copy and pasting this to the top of the message as it's probably better to read first!)
I did the steps out of sequence without a problem. Opted for Nationwide, then at the very last minute I changed to USAA and brought proof of insurance to the delivery, no issues at all. Traded in my pickup and Rivian accepted it without any inspection etc etc which pleasantly astounded me. Unlike prior car purchases, they did not try and sell me undercoating, protection, extended warranty etc and it was the easiest most enjoyable experience I ever had purchasing a vehicle. My wall charger arrived about two weeks before, and I contacted my Rivian support person and told him when I opened the box the end piece was missing. He was perplexed at first and then I told him wasn't there supposed to be a Rivian attached to it. We exchanged jokes after that, all in good fun.
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