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Article: I Bought a Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck (and It Was Torture)

The author LOVES his R1T, to be clear. But he had what sounds like mostly nightmarish experience with pre-purchase, delivery, wall charger installation — the whole surface area of the new customer experience.

My own experience was way less traumatic, but I can see exactly how this might go wrong at every step. I opted for my own insurance and simply declined the Nationwide quote by email. One weird requirement they were sort of quiet about was that I have my own insurance policy live and in effect in order to take delivery. I've never seen that anywhere else. The delivery specialist said he had instructions not to complete the transaction without proof of insurance.

Oh, wait: my QMerit-provided electrical installer is coming to fit my wall charger on Tuesday, so I may not be clear of trouble yet…
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