Rivian announced that they have included Sand Mode in the latest OTA update.

What it does:

Increase drive and maneuverability through deep sand.

What it does to the vehicle:

The driver's inputs are softened, throttle mapping tuned to initiate and maintain momentum over sand by allowing a gradual buildup of throttle at low speeds and then a more aggressive delivery at higher speeds, softer regenerative braking is available to the driver to avoid digging into the surface. The suspension's damping and ride characteristics are tuned for driving over the rough, undulating surface of wind-blown sand at high speeds, soaking up ruts and holes.

When to use it:

Soft Sand mode really shines brightest in deep sand, specifically sand dunes, and can also help the driver regain momentum and unstick the vehicle by moving large amounts of sand at each wheel in a controlled fashion.

When not to use it:

Soft Sand mode is not optimal for most other off-road terrains, even areas with sparse or shallow sand or gravel. For those situations, use Off-Road All-Terrain mode instead. But whether driving off-road in Soft Sand or All-Terrain mode, never drive off-road in restricted areas.

Please note: All Soft Sand mode testing footage captured in off-road areas designated for this type of driving. Be responsible. Drive safely.

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