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She looks awful good in KO2s

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I don't know much (if anything) about A/T tires. Are these better than the ones that came with the truck if you ordered the 20" A/Ts?
BF Goodrich KO2s are the most iconic all terrain tire in the world. Their performance is legendary. They are all I’ve run on my last three Toyota trucks for over thirty years. The Pirelli Scorpion AT is the stock tire on the 20” off road wheels, and it is a nice tire. They are softer rubber than the KO2s and have a less aggressive tread. As expected, the KO2s are just a tad more noisy and reduce range bit, but they should last longer and will outperform the Scorpions on any terrain. They are the most popular AT tire in the world because they look great, they are a relatively quiet ride yet they corner extremely well, handle snow and ice very well and will climb a tree. And they last.

The long awaited KO3s have just been unveiled, but likely won’t be available in all sizes until next year. I will report back on how the KO2s affect my mileage. That is the one draw back I am prepared to live with, but I hope it isn’t significant. The Scorpions are an equally expensive tire, but after wearing them out at 16k miles I was ready to try my favorite tire on the R1T. You certainly can’t argue with the looks.
Thank you for the information. You're right that those tires look sweet. For the R1S, I keep waffling between the stock v. 22 v. 20" A/Ts. This is helpful. I'm trying to figure out who much of a mileage hit I am willing to take and how often (realistically) we will actually use the vehicle in any off-roading situation. We don't get much snow here in Houston.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts