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She looks awful good in KO2s

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I think we should slow the roll on KO's being great on snow and ice, and this comes from direct experience running KO's on a tundra and tacoma, and running dedicated winter snow tires. These will absolutely not perform even close to a snow rated winter tire in severe conditions, and part of that is due to the harder compound, part due to siping and tread design. No rain on your parade, just real world experience. They do look good though, but the Pirellis have also been excellent (as a warmer seasonal AT tire) and I'm guessing also less rotational mass than the KO's?
I think the KO2 does well in snow for heavier vehicles. I have them on an F-150 and it goes where the R1T goes on Nokian full snow tires (and goes where the factory ATs can't make it…)
The K03 is meant to improve snow traction and wet, it looks "same but very different" … I plan on waiting till I can get them for the R1T. Someone has posted with pics of the KO3 on an R1 with the correct 275/65R20 fitment. I expect a bit of scraping of the fender liner at full stuff and full lock. I don't think noise and rolling resistance are a big hit in the KO2, but it's definitely a couple mpg, so I imagine 2.2 mi/kWh won't be the average.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts