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Should Rivian start advertising their vehicles?

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As Rivian gets closer and closer towards producing and releasing the R1S and R1T, do you think they should start advertising to the general public? I've always felt that Tesla's no advertising philosophy is a missed opportunity and I think Rivian can take advantage of that.

Rivian is already making appearances at all kinds of events with the R1S and R1T which is great, but I hope they start to ramp things up to show everyone they're a serious player. It kind of goes against their corporate persona of underselling and over delivering but I think it could work really well for them.
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I think they need to stick to what they've been doing and not get ahead of themselves. They've got the cool factor going for them and they have a good fanbase underneath them. If they start over exposing themselves with marketing campaigns before their vehicles start selling people could lose interest.
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