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Sisters Jessie and Margaret explain why they chose the R1T and R1S.

OCTOBER 18TH, 2022

Like most siblings, the R1T and R1S share DNA, but have distinct personalities and strengths. To show you some of what they have in common, as well as what sets them apart, we invited Rivian employee Jessie and her sister Margaret to tell us more about why they ordered their respective vehicles.


Even with a seven-year age gap, Margaret and Jessie were close growing up, and they remain so today in spite of the jobs and moves that have put significant geographic space between them. So when Margaret learned her younger sister was getting an R1T, it wasn’t long before another Rivian preorder was placed.
Unlike her sibling, Margaret opted for an R1S, a choice she says is a function of both the needs of her family’s lifestyle and personal preference. "It just checks so many boxes for me: It's good looking. It's electric. And it’ll tow around my kids and all of their stuff."
As different as they are, choosing between the R1T and R1S isn’t always a straightforward decision. So to help those still on the R1 fence, we asked both sisters to talk more about what drew them to their Rivian of choice.


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Growing up in Mississippi, Jessie and Margaret spent a lot of time sailing with their parents. That love of being on the water never evaporated for Jessie, who today is an avid paddle boarder and will jump at any excuse to get wet.
“Being such water bugs, my partner and I have a lot of wet gear,” she says. “The ability to throw soaking wet stuff in the bed of the R1T and not even think about it — it’s so nice to have.” That utility, including the truck’s other gear storage options like the front trunk and Gear Tunnel, sealed the deal for Jessie.
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“We keep our go-bags in the Gear Tunnel with a change of clothes in case we want to pop out and hop in a lake somewhere, or go for a run or hike,” she says. “The R1T is always loaded and ready to go.”
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“The ability to throw soaking wet stuff in the bed and not even think about it — it’s so nice to have.”

Jessie, on why she loves the R1T’s storage options
Rather than hauling around outdoor gear, Margaret has a different set of transportation needs — namely, her twin five-year olds, another two-year old and all their stuff. While the R1S has the same deep front trunk as the R1T, instead of a truck bed and Gear Tunnel, it has a third row of additional seating, including two spots for car seats to carry the littlest passengers.
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“At this point in our lives, we need as much space to hold as many people as possible,” says Margaret. “That’s what’s nice about the three rows. You can pack three kids into the middle row if necessary, but you also have the ability to let them spread out.”
Seating up to seven people comfortably isn’t the only perk that drew Margaret to the R1S. She also likes the flexibility that comes with second and third row seats that can individually fold down flat.
“I think I get the best of both worlds with the R1S,” she says. “If I need to carry something other than people, I can just put my seats down and throw a bunch of mulch for flower beds or things like that in the back.”

“At this point in our lives, we need as much space to hold as many people as possible.”

Margaret, on why she loves the R1S’s flexible seating

Once loaded up, both vehicles keep everything safe and secure with our Gear Guard suite of security features. In the R1T, the Gear Guard cable allows you to secure items in the open bed or even on the roof with the extended, 14-foot cable. The Gear Guard system also uses some of the vehicles’ many cameras — 5 on the R1T, and 4 on the R1S — to keep an eye on things while you’re away.
Those cameras, which are also used for Driver+, were another selling point for Margaret. “Having the ability to see all around the R1S, including the bird’s-eye view camera on the center display, is a big deal for me,” she says. “Knowing exactly where my kids are and making sure they're not anywhere near the SUV when I'm moving forward or backwards is a huge safety feature. I don’t think I would buy another car without it.”


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It doesn’t look like it at first, but the R1S is approximately 16 inches shorter than the R1T, which helps with maneuverability in tight spaces and gives it a slight edge when it comes to traversing steep hills with more favorable departure and breakover angles.
In addition to the R1S’s shorter, more garage-friendly size, Margaret also likes the flexibility of the split tailgate, which makes opening and accessing the back of the SUV more convenient. “You can open the back a lot more easily in a garage with limited space than if the entire tailgate opened up,” she says.
For Jessie, the sweet spot was having easy access to both the truck bed and roof for hauling gear. “I carry our paddle board inflatables on top of the roof racks,” she says, “and having the Gear Tunnel door to step on makes loading and unloading the R1T super easy and efficient.”
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Rivian’s electric powertrain means the R1T and R1S both offer precise, high-torque all-wheel drive systems, an attribute both sisters appreciate. “The R1T definitely doesn’t feel like a pickup,” says Jessie, “and honestly sometimes I forget it is when I’m driving it. Instead of feeling like a heavy EV that’s struggling to get up a hill, you just suddenly find yourself at the top effortlessly.”
Both vehicles also have adjustable air suspensions that can raise them to a maximum ground clearance of 14.9 inches¹, more than enough to handle most off-road situations. Just pick the Drive Mode that’s right for the terrain, and the R1T and R1S can crawl over rocks or power through sand, mud or gravel.


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Although neither sister currently does much towing, Rivian’s battery systems and powertrain mean they could if needed. The R1T and R1S have the torque and range to handle 11,000 and 7,700 lbs, respectively. Both vehicles also come standard with a 2-inch Class V integrated receiver and the capability to tow everything from boats to trailers.“The trailer hitch shelf is so easy to put in,” says Margaret. “Just take off the cover in the back and slide it in.”


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Despite the physical distance between them and different life priorities, Jessie and Margaret are excited at the prospect of using both vehicles to see each other more. And should their lifestyles or needs change in the future, Margaret already has a plan: “We’ll just do road trips and swap,” she says.
“You can take the kids, too,” she adds.
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For more details about the similarities and differences between our two Electric Adventure Vehicles, check out the ‘Sizing Up’ posts for the R1T and R1S. Then head over to our vehicle studio to configure your ideal Rivian.


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¹Measurements reflect designated effective distance as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).
²All specifications are projected for an R1S and R1T with the 20" wheels in Max ride height mode. Actual vehicle capability will depend on selected options and trim.
³Dual-Motor figures are projections and are subject to change at any time. Some range and charge times are preliminary manufacturer estimates based on the EPA test cycle and are not official EPA values. All official EPA values are noted. Vehicle range varies with conditions including weather, driving behavior, vehicle condition and load, and battery age. Charging rate decreases as battery reaches full capacity and may be limited by charger capability.