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Yes I saw the Toyota announcement and was intrigued by it. Oddly Tesla doesn’t seem to be exploring that technology much instead focusing on changing chemistry and cell design to achieve more range.
My personal opinion is that BEV vehicles are like computers and every year we will see significant improvements over previous models. You can always wait for the next best thing but you need to jump in sometime. I preordered a launch edition in LA silver with green interior. I hesitated on waiting for the max Pack battery but figured the extra 10k wasn’t worth it especially as refinements in software will improve range and charging infrastructure will catch up.
VW or Toyota aren’t making cars I care to own so I jumped in with Rivian.
I do still have one of the first cyber truck pre orders ( I think I’m roughly number 1800 based on what I’ve read decoding reservation numbers) but it’s just too big and too ugly for me to want to live with for 5+ years despite Tesla being further ahead with service and super chargers. I may buy it still and try to resell it to make a quick buck.
I made my choice to jump in now with Rivian.
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