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Spare tire thoughts?

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I felt dumb when I discovered my truck didn't come with a spare. There's a well for storing it, but no spare.

Since I have to buy one, any thoughts on which wheel I should get? Rivian won't sell me one. I just bought a matching Pirelli tire, but would love a suggestion as to a cheap wheel that would do the job.

The fact that Rivian doesn't make this easy is disappointing. They refuse to tell me what sort of wheel they recommend!

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They didn't ask
and no, they won't sell me one.

they say they're working on a 'store'

my first real disappointment with the org
same here! No one asked me! Some obscure email came through in early March '22. I checked my configuration a hundred times, never made a change and never saw a spare tire as an offered "OPTION". Obviously I would have bought it. Imagine you're on your adventure in the Wilderness, be it Moab, Texas, or the Everglades. You pop a tire, can't reinflate, AAA can't or won't service. Let the adventure begin!!!
1 - 1 of 90 Posts