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Spare tire thoughts?

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I felt dumb when I discovered my truck didn't come with a spare. There's a well for storing it, but no spare.

Since I have to buy one, any thoughts on which wheel I should get? Rivian won't sell me one. I just bought a matching Pirelli tire, but would love a suggestion as to a cheap wheel that would do the job.

The fact that Rivian doesn't make this easy is disappointing. They refuse to tell me what sort of wheel they recommend!

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Hi @sethgodin - I had the exact same experience! How can the off-road package NOT come with a full size spare, and how can the guide not ask when I also have added recovery gear, etc?

If you have the 20" Dark wheels like I do, you might want the same as your spare -- because odds are one of the Rims will get scraped up at some point, and you can make that one your spare, and use your spare to replace the blemished one.

Here is a video of me doing some off roading a scraping my wheel up pretty badly:

I do think Rivian has done a pretty good job with buyer and owner experience. I am working with MMA Global, a marketing trade org, and Prof Omar Rodriguez and the research has found companies that completely focus on Experience as their central purpose in marketing generate 18% better shareholder return compared to those that focus on the transaction or on the brand lifestyle. General Motor's CMO and Ford senior marketing execs are on the board of the trade org doing this work on experience in marketing - they need to transform to compete with the likes of Rivian and Tesla. I think Rivian has an advantage, but I worry if they will be able to truly put the customer at the center. Things like your and my experience with the tire, Rivan's unwillingness to make a recommendation, their botched pricing coms, those kinda suggest they might not have Nordstrom's like customer experience mastered.

It has been about 20+ years since you and I were on the same stage, before your runaway success. Between your experience making brands remarkable, and my expertise in marketing analytics matched to strategy, maybe we should trade two spare tires for a couple hours of advising Rivian how to improve marketing.
I bought 3 progressively more sophisticated (read: expensive) airplanes from Cirrus in large part because they made the buying/ownership experience outstanding. Coupled with a fantastic owner/pilot association made a loyal fanatic out of me.
At Paccar (Kenworth, Peterbilt, DAF), we strove to do the same things - great product, service, experience.
As your data shows, those that focus on these things from a customer perspective, just do better including weathering storms.
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