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Spare tire thoughts?

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I felt dumb when I discovered my truck didn't come with a spare. There's a well for storing it, but no spare.

Since I have to buy one, any thoughts on which wheel I should get? Rivian won't sell me one. I just bought a matching Pirelli tire, but would love a suggestion as to a cheap wheel that would do the job.

The fact that Rivian doesn't make this easy is disappointing. They refuse to tell me what sort of wheel they recommend!

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I've only recently made a reservation so I don't have access to the "configurator" but on the website "visualizer" it used to have the spare tire there available to pick as an option. Seems its taken off of there now. Can you still pick that in your build configurator later or is it not an option there anymore either?
Not an option, they are supposed to be available in the gear shop at some point but no ETA.
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