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Spare tire thoughts?

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I felt dumb when I discovered my truck didn't come with a spare. There's a well for storing it, but no spare.

Since I have to buy one, any thoughts on which wheel I should get? Rivian won't sell me one. I just bought a matching Pirelli tire, but would love a suggestion as to a cheap wheel that would do the job.

The fact that Rivian doesn't make this easy is disappointing. They refuse to tell me what sort of wheel they recommend!

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In speaking with my guide today, my truck wont have the spare delivered with it on the 27th. For me this is NO GOOD, as I drive 135miles daily roundtrip and I always carry a spare! AAA is garbage and I have no time to waste waiting on some idiot.

If the spare that I paid for is really weeks or months away I will be looking into an alternative solution.

Our Rivian wheels are spec'd like this:
20" Wheels Specs:

Weight: 88 lbs (with the AT's tires mounted)
Size: 20x8.5,
Offset: +48mm
Bolt pattern: 5 x 5.5
Construction: 20" wheels are forged. 21" and 22" wheels are all cast.

Dodge 02' - 09' 1500 RAM uses a 20" steel as a spare with the same bolt pattern! I just need to test fit the offset, and centerbore for fit.
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Did you ever get to test this?
Yes sir, been rolling on them for almost 2weeks now I think... So far really good in comfort, noise, fit, and overall performance. Typical range reduction as I expected, averaging 2.3ish mile/kwh which is in line with other AT users. Total setup cost me about $1650 all in so now I have 5 wheel/tires in 21" roads and 20" AT's!
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That’s awesome! Can you tell us more about the wheels, where you got them?
DISCLAIMER, Proceed at your own risk!
These are not OEM and I am willing to test such a setup on my own truck.
If you are not comfortable with such, you should not do so, and I recommend you stick with what RIVIAN only offers.

I wanted a simple, cost effective off road wheel and tire setup that if it got damaged wheeling I wouldn't care.

5pcs. - Dodge RAM 1500 wheels (Part #2363) Other styles do not offer proper brake caliper clearance!!! Proceed with caution! I found these in fantastic shape as the previous owner removed them after a few months of ownership for other aftermarket wheels, win for me!
4pcs. - Hub centric rings to fit the Rivian centerbore to the RAM wheels, Wheel Connect via Amazon (Part#HR7780-6410A)
5pcs. - TPMS sensors from www.TPMS247.com (Beta tested and approved!)

I am running Pirelli Scorpion AT's in 275/60R20 to match the overall diameter of my 21" roads at 33" where as the 275/65R20 from Rivian are 34".

Mount, Balance, Bolt on and go, speedo is spot on and I am very pleased so far with almost 1000miles on the setup. For more information please visit https://s00n.rivianstories.com/posts/27424783?utm_source=manual
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I don't think you want to do that. The tire diameter on the 20" is different from 21". I may be wrong but you probably should match the spare with your 20".
20" AT's are 34" overall dia. and the 21's & 22's are 33" in overall dia. I however run a 20" AT setup that is 33" to match my 21" roads as the truck was delivered, best of both worlds, and no speedo issues. More info here: https://s00n.rivianstories.com/posts/27424783?utm_source=manual

Comments? I just found this.
I went a different route that offers me flexibility. I built up a second set of wheels that are a budget DIY, my truck came with 21's so I made a set of 20" AT's in a matching overall diameter. All the info is here: https://s00n.rivianstories.com/posts/27424783?utm_source=manual

Similarly you can purchase just 1 and make a spare easily.
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