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Spare tire thoughts?

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I felt dumb when I discovered my truck didn't come with a spare. There's a well for storing it, but no spare.

Since I have to buy one, any thoughts on which wheel I should get? Rivian won't sell me one. I just bought a matching Pirelli tire, but would love a suggestion as to a cheap wheel that would do the job.

The fact that Rivian doesn't make this easy is disappointing. They refuse to tell me what sort of wheel they recommend!

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Seems to be a lot of blaming rivian here for something OP didn’t order. Info on the spare is on their public site. You can select it in the configurator. It boggles my mind people spend this much money and don’t take a minute to understand their config options.
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I'm currently sitting in a Les Schwab this morning to get a tire repaired.
Trusting les Schwab to work on your rivian? That’s brave.
same here! No one asked me! Some obscure email came through in early March '22. I checked my configuration a hundred times, never made a change and never saw a spare tire as an offered "OPTION". Obviously I would have bought it. Imagine you're on your adventure in the Wilderness, be it Moab, Texas, or the Everglades. You pop a tire, can't reinflate, AAA can't or won't service. Let the adventure begin!!!
Sorry you missed it, but it was definitely in the configurator for months.
Check your auto-insurance; mine will flatbed a truck or car 100 miles (usually get you to a TireRack supplied store) for $75.00 a year;
many insurance companies report roadside claims to lexisnexis and consider them when re-rating policies…. So you can really screw yourself by using it.

imho, never bundle roadside with auto insurance.
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