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R1S LE in LE Green & Forest Edge (8/14/2019 Preorder) Oct-Dec 2022 Arrival
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I am old enough (barely) to remember when Honda, Toyota and Datsun (now Nissan) entered the US market. Their cars were less expensive, got better mileage, and were mechanically better (or at least as good) than the big 3 at the time. They must have operated on very thin margins or even lost money to GAIN MARKETSHARE in the US. Now look at them. Their strategy worked. I'm not sure Rivian's strategy of pissing off early adopters who are probably also shareholders (and evangelistic for Rivian) is going to work. They should have learned from history. Tesla's first car was sold in 2008 and they lost money until recently. Teslas aren't cheap, but the point is Musk did what it took to establish his company. This ~20% price increase was a poor decision.
My sentiments exactly!
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