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I always try to look at things from another perspective. I pre-ordered an R1S in Sept 2019. Maybe Rivian is thinking, 'where else can people get a large-ish EV SUV with the (luxury) features that Rivian has that can go offroad and drive with manners on the highway? Answer: nowhere! So, we can raise prices as high as we want. Where are people going to go?'

We have no alternatives, so R1S reservation holders are at Rivian's mercy.
This. I had not canceled my RS1 pre-order in response to the hikes. Yesterday, I spent some time on Volvo and BMW's sites as XC90, X5, and X7 were my original alternatives to ordering the RS1. The prices on the hybrid XC90 and X5 were lower than the new RS1 price while the X7 was comparable. But when factoring all the things about the RS1 that I love (styling, full electric, off-road capabilities, 7 seats, etc.), it wasn't much of a choice...there is no true competitor to the RS1 on the market or close to market AFAIK. I was going to keep my preorder and pay the increased prices. But I am quite happy today to have the original pricing reinstated.
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