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Surely Rivian must know...

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Surely Rivian must know that announcing a ~20% increase for pre-order reservation holders would result in mass mutiny.
Trying to re-think this. Maybe Rivian did this intentionally, realizing they could not fulfill current pre-orders for 2-3 years. So, if ~50% of pre-order holders cancel, they could fulfill pre-orders within 18 months and make quotas?... Just trying to understand Rivian's customer-unfriendly behaviour.
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They had to get a huge infusion of cash with the IPO, plus at the rate they're going, I don't think the 20% increase is really going to impact their bottom line as they are making so few vehicles to begin with. Even if they get 10,000 out this year, which seems like a stretch, at a $15k increase, that's "only" $150 million?

The only things that make sense is the vehicles were priced low to begin with relative to the market, and they are such a small player they couldn't/didn't hedge properly and they don't have any leverage over materials and suppliers?
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