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I had a Tesla Model S (Raven) with air suspension and the rattles were terrible and widely-known. Tesla stopped even trying to fix the noises (for everyone not just me) and eventually just said they were known about/normal. My R1T has similar rattles/clunks and it is definitely the suspension, not something else. It is frustrating because my wife's Range Rover Sport with air suspension is amazingly quiet. Nevertheless, I do not expect this to go away, probably will get worse as with my Tesla, and we will probably need to learn to live with it.

Interior buzzing/rattling from plastic parts is also frustrating and incredibly disappointing. My latest suspect is either the plastic panel (mesh-like) at the base of the windshield on the dash, or one of the metal speaker grilles. Annoying to be sure.

Also driving me nuts, the rear passenger seat belt buckles bang against the door every time I make a turn, unless they are buckled. Might just start driving around with them buckled as if someone were sitting there. They just swing back and forth and hit the door, pretty loud.
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