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Hi all,
Curious if anyone has explored tailgate pad options for the R1T. I find this the most convenient way to shuttle 3-5 mountain bikes at a time, especially with a RTT on the roof.

Something like this on my current ridgeline which I hope to replace (with a ~$170 BackcountryGetaway Goat Tailgate Pad). Photos below.

Discussions / ideas / concerns welcome.

Car Wheel Automotive bicycle rack Tire Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Bicycle Cloud Land vehicle

Tire Bicycle Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Vehicle

Thanks for your time.

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From Cache (based on sending them the R1T tailgate dims):

Based upon those dimensions, we should fit like a glove. Stay tuned for our new version that will come out late August. Will fit even better than the current model.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Dillon Green (co-founder)
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