This is an adapter to allow you to charge any EV that uses a J1772 plug from a Tesla charging cord.

This is very useful for families who already have a Tesla and also have a non-Tesla vehicle. Also super useful to have to use at Tesla destination chargers like at hotels.

You CANNOT charge from a Tesla Supercharger

It is the 50 amp version, rated for 42 amps of continuous use. The idea being that no electrical equipment should be maxed-out for more than 3 hours in a row. So this is meant for your typical Tesla Mobile Adapter and NEMA 14-50 plug. Should be plenty for most uses but if you intend to pair it with a Tesla HPWC and a vehicle that can pull more than 42 amps you should reduce the vehicles draw. Technicalities I can explain if you need it. .

Originally $169 plus tax and shipping, you can have it for $129

I've only had it a few months. I bought it to charge my Dad's Jeep 4Xe when he was at my house. But with the Rivian I can pull the higher amperage from our Tesla Wall Charger which is at 60amps. So I purchased a TeslaTap 80amp version and figured since I don't need both I'd pass this along to a fellow Rivian owner.