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An EV blog covered some good points on why EV pickups are in full force and ready to hit the market hard as we've seen with other types of EV's so far
Some might think full-electric pickup trucks would be a stretch, particularly in a market that has thus far been dominated by small utilitarian hatchbacks and costly luxury models, sold largely to intellectual and affluent green-minded motorists. But with the EV market now expanding into battery-powered sport-utility vehicles, the electrified pickup market stands as the next great frontier. Several automakers, both upstart and established, are preparing electric pickup trucks for the coming model years. The question is, will anyone buy them?
It’s uncertain whether die-hard truck aficionados would ever consider making the move from an internal combustion engine to electrification unless perhaps gas prices hit $10 a gallon. And even then, a tradesperson or farmer might choose not to be associated with technology that’s perceived as being upper-class snobbish. Another critical factor to consider would be an electric pickup’s range on a charge. A great number of pickup owners live in rural areas and tend to put a considerably higher than average number of miles on their rides each day, and at speeds that tend to drain an EV’s battery quicker. Plus, the number of public charging stations situated in or near smaller towns to provide a quick jolt of kilowatts when needed remains slim to none.
And yet, EV battery range in general is growing rapidly, with 200- and 300-mile or higher abilities fast becoming the norm. Also, since trucks are built on massive platforms they can accommodate large long-distance batteries, and the resulting lower center of gravity could give them far more amenable road manners. Big electric motors can create enormous amounts of torque for hefty towing and hauling capacities. And as it stands, a fair number of affluent suburbanites own pickup trucks – likely many of them also having a Tesla in their garages – for lifestyle purposes. They use them to tow large boats or trailers, haul active-lifestyle gear like dirt bikes, and to carry sports equipment without scuffing up a luxury SUV’s cargo hold.
Also, basic work-truck EV pickups could well be the future rides of choice for fleets. They afford eminently economical operation, with well-documented commercial routes that could easily be drawn to accommodate a given model’s range on a charge. Charging would occur overnight where the trucks are headquartered.
It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. In the meantime, we’re looking ahead at the electric pickup trucks being readied for future production in the accompanying slideshow.
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