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The video in my OP is no longer available.

Here's another one I found of it and some comments.

"Here is an interesting finding - Rivian A16 design concept of an electric truck that very closely resembles the design style of Rivian's R1T and R1S vehicles.

The Rivian A16 does not come from the company, but is an independent project, released by Ryan Schlotthauer (see the full work at behance.net here) earlier this year.
The author explains:

"Rivian A16 is designed as a vehicle for brand exposure. The basis for the concept was to use a skateboard already mass produced by the company, and as a one of one, build A16 on top. Incorporating the stadium headlights and integrated storage, allows this one off to capture Rivian’s distinct identity."
We must admit that it's a quite interesting-looking vehicle. The author doubled the number of Rivian's headlights, replaced mirrors with cameras, and by the way, proposes a cabin without A-pillars.
The entire Rivian A16 appears to be much bigger than the R1T so it's doubtful that it could be based on the same platform - it's rather a pure vision, one-of-a-kind art just for imagination."

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I world LUV to see my R1S delivered to me in Atlanta, Ga on this truck!!
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