Thuren Fabrication is working on forged wheels for our Rivians.

"Rivian specific Thuren Fabrication Forged Wheel project at now almost complete! Only things left to do is to finalize color options, and get the website product page up. Couldn’t be happier. They look perfect, and FEA analysis checks out stronger than I could ever imagine, while being only 3lbs heavier than OEM. Running 15 psi off road at high speed will be no issue. More in depth info soon on some of the very cool features we implemented . Going to be $950 each per wheel shipped to your door! For what these wheels are I keep being told to charge more, but we don’t need to. feels nice to drive a durable feeling truck now instead of a fast road car with a truck bed!"

Credit to Don for sharing these details

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Thuren has a section for it on their site but no actual product yet.
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