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Wow, bold face and underline. Need to throw in some fonts while you're at it, perhaps some ALL CAPS and emojis too ... :rolleyes:

And it would help your case if you didn't spam your post across five different threads simultaneously.

The above information is not news - it was publicized just before the IPO almost four months ago. It was discussed several times in these forums back then. The quotes about pricing are meant to illustrate an instance of gender discrimination, not securities fraud. The court will hear and see far more than we ever will, and will hopefully make a correct ruling on her case. Speculate all you want, but you don't have the facts so you shouldn't pre-judge it either way. Even given the above anecdote is correct, that does not prove discrimination, it's just one piece of the pattern she will have to prove - everyone I know at every level in the corporate world, government, and military, including me, has been marginalized like that at some point in their career. Even if she is totally correct, they are allowed to fire her for any legal reason, including out of spite for repeatedly pointing out information about pricing that they didn't want to hear.
yawn… sorry. Wake me up when you done.
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