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I took delivery in Dallas 5/19. Launch Edition LA Silver, 20" AT, Black Mountain with all the off road goodies.

I noticed the same really loud noise I am going to mention it when I make my call to get the "TPMS sensor malfunction" fixed. I do hope they make some updates to the user interface. It would be nice to have better functionality with amazon music or other apps.

I am very impressed with everything so far with the exception of a few issues. Guess that is part of the early adopter phase.

Thanks for the info on the PPF - I am looking to have some added to the front for sure.
I'm gathering quotes right now for windows tint, PPF for front skirt and hood, and ceramic paint coating.

Service contacted me regarding my issues i logged on the app within 24 hours, spoke on the phone for 45 minutes. The advisor is talking with their team to see if they can do a house call or will have to drop it at the service center. (It's close to IAH airport thankfully.)

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Just took delivery here in Houston on Friday 5/20. Experienced the same thing on Saturday with the AC and it sounding like a jet engine. I have a bunch of issues I'm going to mention in my first service call, so... anyway... will also update on that.
I was wondering when I’d see the first in the Houston area. I’m getting some ppf on my Mach-E and the proprietor said he had already PPF’ed an R1T and is going to do another one next week. So, with the MME, much smaller, I heard a loud noise too only to be told by everyone on the MME forum that it was the A/C and I just need to get used to it. It was loud. Maybe it’s an EV-thing related to ACs.

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...and here we are almost 7.5 months later - and my wristband key finally arrived loose in a thin brown envelope mailer. No pomp, no circumstance, no padding, no paperwork, no kidding. :) I guess I finally have everything I paid for now.

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Took delivery yesterday 4/6. Glad to answer questions if I can, but not about charging and range since I haven't had much experience with those yet.

Here's a few observations and findings:

My config: Launch Edition, blue, black, 22" tires, full size spare, gear sled, deposit in April 2019.

At delivery:
  • full size spare, gear sled, and wristband key were back-ordered and will be delivered in person later; there's an included "fix a flat" kit installed in the gear tunnel door in the meantime.
  • nickel size scratches on both the blue and black edge of the driver's mirror
  • same door had a weird looking dent in front of the logo...but it was actually a protrusion like something was under the paint or the sheet metal had an imperfection.
  • both of these will be fixed next week...though I'm not really sure what that will entail.
  • also noticed that the back lower edges of both gear tunnel doors looked like they were either missing paint or it was scratched off as though it was rubbing something...but there's nothing to rub against these edges. Both doors appear to have type of protective film over the paint so I'll ask about this when the above repairs are made. [See update in thread]

Interior stuff:
  • there's no traditional ON/OFF switch; if you use your phone as a "key" and have the app set to "always allow location", the vehicle unlocks and turns "on" as you approach and locks and turns off when you walk away. No need to take the phone out and launch the app for these things to happen.
  • no satellite radio option built-in
  • no Home-Link functionality built-in (so dig out your garage door and gate openers)
  • Alexa is your only voice-recognition option
  • Spotify is the only installed app other than Alexa; there's HD/AM/FM audio as well as streaming from your bluetooth device.
  • haven't tried it yet, but supposedly you can access other music services if you have those services (like SiriusXM and Tune-In) linked to your Alexa account
  • there is absolutely no handsfree texting/messaging interface built-in
  • no "dog mode" (yet, anyway)
  • my first use of the navigation system would have had me doing an illegal u-turn at an intersection where a sign prohibited it...and that sign wasn't new! I'm not sure which company providing the navigation maps (TomTom maybe?).
  • there are two drink holders up front :)
  • there's no traditional glovebox but there is a small latched pocket storage in front of both front seats; it's small and not deep at all.
  • the wireless phone charger is big enough to charge two phones at once
  • no heads-up display for anyone wondering

Drive / Charging
  • regenerative braking, even when set to Standard, is pretty strong; more so than in my previous hybrid which had 4 levels. This can't be set to Off in normal driving mode as far as I can tell.
  • the cabin is not especially quiet inside but maybe the lack of engine noise makes road and wind noise more noticeable.
  • I used a wall mounted level 2 charger (from the previous hybrid) to charge; the vehicle indicated that it was fully charged this morning with a 310 mile range.

Problems so far (beyond the cosmetics noted above):
* when I plugged in last night for the final time and walked away from the vehicle, it locked and folded mirrors as expected; when I went out to the garage this morning with a phone or key, I found the vehicle "On" but locked - headlights on, music playing, displays on. Apparently it stayed that way all night while charging. After unplugging and moving to the drive, I observed the same behavior - locked, but "On". Talked to Support and viewed the app per their instructions; turns out that the vehicle thought there was still someone inside and therefore would not completely turn off. Apparently a seat sensor was giving this false reading (though I was told that it could also have been a door, tailgate, or gear tunnel door ajar doing the same thing. In any case, a proverbial "Ctrl-Alt-Del" vehicle reboot fixed the issue so we'll see if it happens again; Support will check back in two days but said I could call before then if it happens again and more diagnostics would be conducted to find the ongoing cause.

I'll add to this as I discover other things.

And finally, my new Rivian slogan: "Zero to 60 in 3 years...and 3 seconds!"

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100% charging is discouraged to extend battery life unless you are traveling. I have yet to go more than 85%. I would review this post: Any Rivian-specific advice for charging on road trips...
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