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We did our 220 mile Michigan winter trek up to our snowmobile cottage for the first time with the R1T. Everything went great towing our 5500 lb enclosed trailer (with snowmobiles and all our gear).

Temp in high teens, 100% charge leaving our home, stopped for groceries about 110 miles later at a Meijer store with Electrify Amerca chargers ourside. 30+/- mins on a 350kw & back up to 80+%.
One more stop a Ford dealer along the way with some Shell Recharge fast chargers, might not have needed this stop but wanted some range left once we got up to the cabin.

I did this trip hundreds of times with various trucks over the years. None made it on one tank of gas. My last truck was a Ford Raptor, that went into a fuel enrichment mode when towing to cool the cats and turbos, yeah that tird only got 5-6 mpg!

Rivian towed like nothing was even behind it and to me the range pulling that parachute at 70-75 mph was very impressive.
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