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Along with being a fan of Rivian, I've been a longtime Toyota fan and have driven my fair share of Tacomas and Tundras.

I came across some information about Toyota that could affect their future truck lineups. Since most of us are truck fans in one way or another you guys might be interested as well.

Toyota has filed a trademark for "I-FORCE MAX" for use with "automobiles and structural parts thereof".

This could meant that there might finally be a new engine for the Tundra. The current 5.7L I-Force engine has been in use for such a long time and is pretty much ancient by today's standards. It could be another V8 or it could be some kind of new hybrid setup.

What also makes it interesting is that the description says automobile and not truck, so maybe this engine could be used in something else?

Here's the link to the application:
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