Items For Trade:

Swap my 20" AT (standard, not bright or dark) wheels and tires and matching spare, never used + $1100 cash for your set of 20" AT DARK wheels and matching spare.

If you don't have a spare to swap then your 4 wheels for my 5 wheels plus $200. If you don't want the spare then your 4 wheels for my 4 wheels plus $1100.

The tires and wheels currently have 300 miles on them, in new condition.

If your tires have lots of miles, then I might offer a little less cash with the swap.

We can have the Rivian service center do the swap if it's convenient. I'll cover any labor charges.

Also open to just swapping wheels only, no tires, plus $1100, in case you want to keep your tires.

Will Trade For:

20" AT Dark wheels