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The article below is excerpted from the business section of today's NY Times. It is oriented toward a general business audience and while it provides some useful information, much of the article may be old news for many. New for me however was the Ford two-month (Apr-May) sales figure of 15,300 electric vehicles. It's not clear how many of that number are US sales, or what proportion are Lightnings.

U.S. Electric Car Sales Climb Sharply Despite Shortages
A scarcity of semiconductors and raw materials held back production, but buyers remain enthusiastic.

By Jack Ewing
July 14, 2022, 5:00 a.m. ETAmericans are buying electric vehicles at a record pace, undeterred by rising prices and long waits for delivery, a further indication that the twilight of the internal combustion engine is on the horizon.Vehicles that run on batteries accounted for 5.6 percent of new-car sales from April through June, still a small slice of the market but twice the share a year ago, according to Cox Automotive, an industry consulting firm. Overall, new-car sales declined 20 percent.

. . . Lack of public chargers is another impediment, especially for apartment dwellers who lack garages or private driveways where they can plug in. Numerous companies are competing to build networks, and the Biden administration is providing funding, but they are playing catch-up.

“The market is ahead of the charging network,” said Cathy Zoi, the chief executive of EVgo, which operates more than 850 fast-charging stations in the United States.

Link: U.S. Electric Car Sales Climb Sharply Despite Shortages

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Crazy that Ford has seen this much growth with EVs:

“The transformation is real,” said John Lawler, the chief financial officer of Ford, which sold 15,300 electric cars from April through June, a 140 percent increase from a year earlier. “Electric vehicle demand is well beyond what we can supply.”
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