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I spent some time lately and made a website where you can submit feature requests and others can upvote them if they think it would be useful. Feel free to check it out.
To prevent spam posts I've required an account to post (plus moderator approval), but you just need to make a username and password - no email required: Rivian Issue/Delivery Tracker

I'm definitely not expecting Rivian to be checking this site - I see it as more of a way for people to share their ideas and get a sense of how much different features are wanted.

I've also made my own version of the delivery tracker on the site - there is an option to do a manual entry, sync from your Rivian account, or sync from the existing Google Sheet if you already entered your configuration there. On the dashboard I am working on some graphs where you can see the distribution of orders over time and look at pie charts for different configurations.

Let me know if you have any feedback!

Some things that I am working on:
- Improving the functionality on mobile devices
- Adding the ability to comment on feature requests
- Unofficial API documentation for vehicle controls / telemetry
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