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There are a few things I miss in our Rivian. Having driven my R1T for 2 weeks and comparing with my Tesla, I do hope for a few software upgrades to be implemented soon.

First, allow for video recording while driving. Most incidents happen while driving the car and not while its parked. I see video recording as a major safety feature for yourself and others on the road. For this reason I installed dash cams on previous cars. Something Rivian should offer through its Guard feature.

Second, is the ability to watch youtube / Netflix / Hulu etc while waiting to charge on a road trip. Another feature I love in my Tesla.

Third, when the car is parked at home in the garage, do not auto lock the doors. Its super annoying the car locks and unlocks each time you walk into your garage. A simple "do not lock while home" would be a simple feature.
The "Lock/Unlock" home feature was added with the latest release this weekend, or at least a variation of that. You can now set the truck to "not lock" if at home by setting up the home location in the map, and then enabling the feature in the settings of the truck. Thing is, this is great if you are parked in the garage-not so great if you are in an apartment complex or you truck is just parked outside you home for passers-by to access.
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