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I installed my Weistec/DCE rock sliders yesterday. The sliders themselves do not come with any printed instructions, only a QR code that points at their install video. I wanted to share a couple of items I discovered during the install just in case they help anyone else installing the same sliders.

The first issue was the provided hardware. There are two bolts for each side that in the video appear to replace two of the factory T55 bolts. The hardware from DCE was too short to use for the application, but I was able to reuse the factory T55 bolts in both positions the video indicates you should use the replacement hardware. I shared this information with Weistec and they noted they had seen some production changes causing minor variations in the install process.

The instructions tell you to remove the front two T55 bolts and loosen the rest. What I found was that the last two T55 bolts (when moving from front to rear of the vehicle) did not need to be loosened/removed. I would recommend laying the sliders down under the edge of your own truck and measuring/mapping where things will mount before you start loosening/removing any hardware.

The last item is that on my truck there were two 17mm bolts in "front" of the "first" bolt. The video has instructions regarding the first and seventh bolts. In my case it was the third and ninth (see note above about checking layout before you get too deep in the process).

Here are a couple of pictures of the sliders installed, and a shot down the passenger side showing how tucked in the sliders are behind the wheels. My wife gave the sliders two thumbs up as steps to make it easier to enter/exit the vehicle. The issues with the instructions were minor and I'm very happy with the fit and finish of the product. The note in the install video about one person being able to complete the install in their driveway is largely accurate, but I highly recommend having a buddy ready to help lift the sliders into place.

One last note, a big thanks to the support folks at Weistec. I sent them a note about the discrepancies I'd noticed after I completed the install and they were quick to respond to my questions and concerns.

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Looks great! How much is that tho ?
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