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Hey gang. Heard about Rivian maybe 2ish years ago, but only popped back up on my radar as a potential option in the last few weeks. I caved and went ahead and submitted a pre-order the other day (added to tracker as well.) Probably wont see any movement on that for quite some time, which I'm okay with. Configured an R1T with the explore package, large pack, el cap granite, 20" all-terrains, and ocean coast interior.

Only thing I'm really torn on is Adventure vs. Explorer. I realllly like the gear guard feature, but would prefer a manual tonneau cover (something about a powered sliding cover just seems like it'll get jammed more often than not.) Vented seats are nice, but heated wheel is more important to me, which Explore has. Then it's the difference in sound systems at that point, and I'm sure anything will be better than my current setup. So yea, hard to justify that jump in price at the moment. Fortunately I think I've got more than enough time to mull it over.

Looking forward to seeing more of the early orders come in and getting more real-world reviews from owners!
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