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I'm not really familiar with Atlis but based on these photos and specs, it looks like a really impressive truck.

Has anyone been keeping tabs on Atlis and the XT?

Atlis Motor Vehicle company is a new-ish name on the scene, but it may not be for long.

Atlis says its XT electric pickup truck is among the most capable trucks to ever be revealed. According to the automaker, the truck can be configured to go up to 500 miles on electric by selecting the largest battery pack.

In addition to the long range, the towing capacity is impressive at up to 35,000 pounds. The payload is listed at up to 5,000 pounds, which is equally high.

Atlis XT is considered a full-size truck and, unlike with the Rivian R1T, a 6.5 or 8-foot bed can be selected. Clearly then, this is a larger truck than Rivian's. Its 8-lug wheel design suggests it's a heavy-hauler too.

With this being a proper truck, there are all sorts of configurations. For example, depending on how it's configured, the Atlis XT has a conventional towing ability between 5,000 – 20,000 lbs. The truck has a 5th-wheel tailoring capacity of between 10,000 – 35,000 lbs. Payload capacities would range between 1,000 – 5,000 lbs.

There's a standard crew cab with a shorter bed that offers standard air suspension (independent at all four corners) with 12 inches of ground clearance. But for more extreme use, there's a special “off-road” version with long-travel suspension and 15 inches of clearance.

A dually is reportedly planned too and this would be the heaviest hauler of them all.

Like with Rivian, multiple battery pack sizes will be offered. Atlis says the shortest range XT will still go 300 miles. Other options are for 400 miles of range and the aforementioned 500-mil max range version. Recharging is claimed to take only 15 minutes, though specs and details on this have not been released.

As for performance, 0 to 60 MPH is achieved in 5 seconds. However, even a fully loaded Atlis XT can still accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just 18 seconds. Atlis uses what it calls its XP platform on the XT. This setup utilizes 4-independent electric motors, one for each well. So, it's 4WD then.

The interior is rather luxurious looking and can set up to 6 individuals in total.

Though far from reality right now (funding is still not fully secured), Atlis says it hopes to launch the XT sometime in 2020. No pricing information is available at this time though.
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