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Not having a glove box kinda sucks. Also, the storage space could use some dividers to stop things from sliding around. I agree that the charging pad is useless for all new iPhone models. I am also not a fan of the noises from the suspension system—it’s really noisy over rougher asphalt or even just uneven roads. My eTron is absolutely dead silent. Would really like to see the ability to change accent colors in the car. Not having Spotify remember my recent playlists or keep showing the same two playlists at the top sucks. Not having SiriusXM sucks. Not having the ability to add a new stop or it recommending parking or charging stations nearby on the navigation system sucks. Navigation system is lacking a lot of usability features actually. I miss having my phone mounted. Also, I would really like to see that ability to do more customization with the driver screen. The right control wheel is basically unused 90 percent of the time for me and it could be used for other tasks like scrolling through different views.
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