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What I like most about Rivian

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Rivian being a new car maker had to carve out their own niche, offering what isn't elsewhere, leading to highly sought after features that caught my attention like:
  1. massive 180 kWh battery (biggest on the market)
  2. over 400 miles of range
  3. 800 ponies via 4 motors, 1 at each wheel
  4. 0-60 time of 3 seconds (similar to a Mclaren 675LT)
  5. 11,000 LBS towing cap
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I think the best thing about these incredible products is that they will force the established brands to release better electric models as they come to market, just to remain competitive. There is a lot of value in these cars, especially at their set price point.
You also have to consider that these brands might be getting components from the same companies. So in the end it might be how one brand configures it vs the other.
There isn't another production EV on the market that boasts these numbers. Even if its using the same components found in other EV's, what makes them an outlier is how they've brought it all together.
I think where Rivian can make a lot of headway is with autonomous driving capability. Amazon invested big in self-driving startup Aurora and now there's a lot of opportunities with Rivian.

Apparently Rivian's camera and radar hardware will be capable of Level 3 autonomous driving and can be upgradable with over-the-air software updates. So we'll see how much they take advantage of that.
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