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What is the best two-vehicle home charging solution for a Rivian and a Tesla?

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My wife drives a 2021 Tesla Model 3 and I have a Rivian R1T on order. We're moving into a new home in a couple of months, and I want to set the garage up for effective level 2 charging on 60 amp circuits. As I understand it, my options are:
  • Install a third-party two-cable charger, with a Tesla adapter on the appropriate cable for the Model 3, that will share the electric load between the two vehicles.
  • Install two Tesla chargers, connected through WiFi for load sharing, with a J1772 adapter on the appropriate cable for the R1T.
  • Install our single Tesla charger and manually switch the cable between the vehicles as needed, with a J1772 adapter when charging the R1T.
Am I missing any other options? Who is using one of these methods? Pros and Cons? Any insight is appreciated.
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If your panel can handle it, I would recommend a two vehicle system that can share one 60 Amp breaker for 48 Amps of total charging. That gives you 48 Amps for one vehicle and 24 Amps each when you plug both in. That should cover most situations. I have had good experience with the Tesla products, but then again, I started as a Tesla user..,
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