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What is the best two-vehicle home charging solution for a Rivian and a Tesla?

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My wife drives a 2021 Tesla Model 3 and I have a Rivian R1T on order. We're moving into a new home in a couple of months, and I want to set the garage up for effective level 2 charging on 60 amp circuits. As I understand it, my options are:
  • Install a third-party two-cable charger, with a Tesla adapter on the appropriate cable for the Model 3, that will share the electric load between the two vehicles.
  • Install two Tesla chargers, connected through WiFi for load sharing, with a J1772 adapter on the appropriate cable for the R1T.
  • Install our single Tesla charger and manually switch the cable between the vehicles as needed, with a J1772 adapter when charging the R1T.
Am I missing any other options? Who is using one of these methods? Pros and Cons? Any insight is appreciated.
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The wall box is the best solution. 2 can share 1 breaker and they will split the power to both cars and then shift appropriately based on each cars need. Saves having to install 2 40 amp breakers in you main panel
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