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Rivian bills itself as the solution for "Adventure EV". I am a Marine Biologist, always lug around my equipment and get myself into some peculiar positions with my current Jeep trying to get to certain job sites out in the boonies, hence when Rivian came out swinging with its Market launch.. we took notice and as a family are switching to full-time Rivian. Both of our Rivians, R1T & R1S will be daily drivers, wife's R1S has a better chance ending up as a grocery hauler as she works for a tech company vs my R1T which will be used and abused out in the field/ off road for my work. We both are outdoorsy types, hiking, ect in our spare time.. so both Rivians will come in handy to support our love for exploring nature.

What will your Rivian end up as?
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